How Are We Different?

Nothing off-the-shelf, nothing outsourced, and no two courses are exactly the same.

The same techniques that have made actors and world leaders confident, believable, and engaging for centuries can have the same impact for you. Pinnacle's intention-based techniques ensure your delivery reflects your desired outcome so your audience understands why your message is important.

What is Intention?

Intention is the purpose behind your message that fuels the emotion of your delivery. More often than not we think we are communicating in clear and meaningful ways, yet our body language and voice tell a different story. The key to connecting with your audience is having a strong intention behind your message and supporting it through your delivery.

Knowing how to deliver a message holds the key to its impact. We utilize extensive video analysis to dissect your communication skills and engineer a customized, step-by-step program to address your needs. Our workshops culminate in a series of interactive exercises and simulations, where we sharpen skills and apply them to practical, real life scenarios.

Every workshop is uniquely designed and tailored to your needs. Customization is based on position requirements, company needs, skill level, and material challenges.

The result is an exercise-driven training that is packed with immediately applicable skills and individually relevant simulations.

Who can benefit from The Pinnacle Method?

  • - C-Level leadership
  • - Sales & marketing professionals
  • - Customer service representatives
  • - Subject matter experts
  • - Facilitators
  • - Executive/Senior management
  • - New hires
  • - Instructors
  • - Science and technical personnel

With a blend of performance and corporate expertise, Pinnacle-certified instructors are the best at what they do: intention-based communication skills training. All Pinnacle instructors complete a rigorous certification process each year. In order to ensure quality, our instructors train exclusively with Pinnacle. We never use free-lancers.

Pinnacle offers a variety of retention support options to ensure you have a plan to maximize your newly developed techniques.

Virtual Coach

The Virtual Coach suite provides online assessment and private coaching, either independently or as a complement to your in-workshop education. A regular schedule of follow up Virtual Coaching ensures you're getting the best guidance on how to progress with your new skills.

Virtual Coach in 90 seconds

Diagnostic and Development Plans

These detailed documents summarize feedback, contain valuable notes, and recommend action plans for additional guidance and continued growth.

Sample Diagnostic and Development Plan

Pinnacle Learning Portal

Our exclusive online component offers participants numerous development and retention resources.

  • - Personal video access
  • - 60 Second Quick Tip videos
  • - Library of guidelines, exercises, best practices and tips
  • - Exclusive monthly retention email with tips and tools